Your Family Has a Story

Discover It Together

Strengthen family ties and create a cherished heirloom... 

for future generations to enjoy. 

What is the single best predictor of a child's emotional health and happiness? The answer might surprise you...

¨I´ve created this course because I believe seniors are one of our greatest untapped sources of living history¨

Take a first step in capturing your family's living history and treasured stories.

My name is Marc Mailhot and I am an award winning educator who has spent years designing and implementing a framework called the GrandPals program, which empowers young people to capture movie-quality stories from the lives of seniors. While this course is actually part of the larger Grandpals framework, it's still going to allow you to take a FIRST STEP in capturing your family's living history and treasured stories.

What you'll learn

  • Why you should work on a family tree.

  • Setting up your Family Echo account.

  • Sharing your work with others for collaboration.

  • Adding immediate and more distant relatives to your family tree.

  • Managing divorce and remarriage.

  • Adding biographical details.

  • Working with pictures (uploading, rotating, cropping).

  • Expanding and focusing your family tree.

  • Printing for sharing.

Course Content

Tap Into A Living History

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Family Trees Made Easy is a beginner course for people who want to create a digital version of their family tree. All that is needed is a computer (Mac, PC, or Chromebook), access to the internet and a personal email address. The free online software introduced in this course makes creating your family tree extremely easy. It will help you organize your information, make revisions, add additional details as you think of them or discover them for the first time. The software also allows you to easily collaborate with others. In the end, this work leave you with deeper family connections and a digital heirloom for ongoing family storytelling. 

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to tap into their family's living history. 
  • Those who want to honour the seniors in their lives, by capturing stories and family connections. 
  • This course is especially suited to those who are interested in taking the first step in the GrandPals framework - which helps families craft movie-quality stories from the lives of their beloved seniors. 
  • Other relatives might also be interested in this course, as they can help collaborate on the building of the family tree and contribute their own pieces to this digital legacy. 


  • It is helpful (although not necessary) to have some experience with Google Apps.
  • Experience with Google Drawings is especially helpful (although not necessary), as this application is used when dealing with pictures.


Marc Mailhot


Marc Mailhot is part of the team of educators behind The GrandPals Project - an initiative that has received the prestigious Governor General Award for Excellence in Teaching (Canada). He is passionate about building understanding and friendship between generations. He also seeks to foster historical learning between generations, so that people can better appreciate and understand the world they are living in now.